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Man O War
Public Library Restoration

The Man O War Public Library and its contents were heavily damaged by Hurricane Dorian in 2019.  A campaign to restore this historic landmark and revitalize it as a valuable community resource is underway.  Volunteers have already begun work cleaning out the library, sanding and painting shelves, and scrubbing walls and floors.  Plans are in place to: replace and shore up the ceiling beams; add insulation and a/c for summer months; replace damaged doors and build window inserts; add ceiling fans and lighting; tent for termites; and eventually restock the library with books and have reliable WiFi available.  The library will be a place for the public that students, community members and visitors will be able to enjoy. 

If you would like to donate time, materials, or funds to this effort, please contact Mrs. Debbie Clark, principal of Man O War Primary School (242) 422-2292.

US tax-deductible contributions can be made through PERC using either the qualified charity Man O War Primary School or Man O War Relief Fund (please note the contribution is for the Man O War Public Library).

SEA BISCUIT is donating a portion of each rental towards this project.

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